NASCAR Witnesses Blaney Avoiding Wreck In The Last Lap, Winning Season


Ryan Blaney managed to secure a win for the two consecutive weeks with the NASCAR race on the night of Saturday. The race was exciting and ended in a fiery manner. The 16th spot, which is also the final spot for being a part of the playoffs was taken by Tyler Reddick. He managed to secure a finish in seventh place. Austin Dillon, his team, and Reddick were both competing against each other in a desperate attempt to win during the overtime for two laps. However, Blaney, who stood in the second position during the restart, moved ahead of the crowd while the race was ended by a crash.

Daniel Suarez, who happens to be among the 10 drivers who were trying to make a win thereby getting a place automatically in the playoffs, shoved Kevin Harvick, which in turn started the crash of multiple cars in the NASCAR race at Daytona. Suarez was, however, pushed by Kurt Busch from behind and moving to Harvick. Blaney, who also won the race last week in Michigan has gained an entry in the openers of the playoff because of three wins during this season. Blaney is confident about winning the NASCAR races because of his good form.

NASCAR Races Give Scott Family A Due Tribute 

The family of Wendell Scott was given a custom-made trophy by NASCAR which commemorated his historic victory in 1963. Scott happens to be the only driver who was Black and won a race at the top level of NASCAR.

Scott had overtaken Richard Petty when there were still 25 laps remaining in the race. However, Buck Becker, the racer that originally came in second, was announced as the winner of the race and was given the trophy. It was much later when it was discovered that the actual winner of the race is Wendell Scott. NASCAR took care of the issue much later when they honored the racer with the custom award.

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