City’s proclamation requiring face masks in stores and restaurants is amended after threats of violence

To maintain coronavirus restrictions amidst partial state re-openings, a proclamation was issued on Thursday, mandating the use of face masks to enter public places like stores or restaurants. 

Authorities claimed the proclamation was issued prioritizing public health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic scare. However, following the proclamation, the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma witnessed several acts of violence and verbal threats. 

Norman McNickle, City Manager, Stillwater, stated that several store employees have faced verbal abuse since the coronavirus restrictions were placed. Threats of gun-violence have also been reported in the city. 

The city authorities finally gave in to such reports of violence and amendment the proclamation on Friday, just hours after its implementation. 

Rule Of Wearing Face Masks Amended

The rule has been changed from being mandatory to an advisory. People will not be required to wear face masks but are encouraged to wear them as a primary protective gear. 

Reports of violence and threat started pouring in within just three hours of the proclamation. 

McNickle further added that many people felt safer wearing a mask in public despite the threats circulating in the city.

The amendment came quickly after several objections were made by the public, who considered the rule unconstitutional. 

“One cannot be forced to wear a mask. No law or court supports this view,” claimed one citizen. This is just one of the many objections that came in the way and was cited by the City Manager himself. 

McNickle told reporters that he found the objections disturbing as they run the risk of putting other people’s lives in danger. 

CDC Recommends Americans Wear Face Masks 

Recent studies reveal that many asymptomatic infected individuals are also spreading coronavirus while being close to another person or through sneezing or coughing. 

On the 3rd of April, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention urged American citizens to wear “cloth coverings.”