Georgi, Ex Of Darcey Silva, Admits To Having Been Thinking Of Her Always

Darcey Silva

After the end of the second engagement the previous year, Georgi Rusev admitted in an episode aired on Monday of Darcey & Stacey that he has this feeling of his loss of a best friend which was followed after he and Darcey Silva decided to separate. Darcey Silva has still been in utter disappointment after the revelation came out that Florian Sukaj who is Darcey’s twin sister Stacey Silva’s fianće chose Gerogi Rusev, her ex as the best man.

The Monday episode of Darcey & Stacey showed Florian trying to cheer Stacey up with a beach picnic in between the fallout from the decision. In some confessional Stacey explained that she is grateful to Florian for the beach picnic because all the ongoing drama regarding Georgi being present at the wedding has been taking a toll on her. She further says that she was hoping that Georgi would reveal the news in a better manner to Darcy following some strategy but it turned out to be the wrong place and time which has led to him and Darcey not talking since LA.

Darcey Silva Is Still Upset With The News

Florian was told by Stacey that she was genuinely hurt by the reaction that came from Darcey Silva to the decision and further added that things have been going downhill. Stacey says that she feels all her relationships have been ruined and an endless drama can be caused which she definitely does not want to live through.

News has come that she had even considered canceling the wedding despite being a dream due to the endless drama. She then had a major breakdown explaining her struggle with her sister. She says that she needs Darcey Silva. She considers Darcey to be her other half and Georgi another half.

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