Trust Issues Have Taken Over Machine Gun Kelly’s Relationship With “Ex-Fiance”?

Machine Gun Kelly

The couple has been facing a major problem since last week, however, like every relationship Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship was also full of ups and downs. Previously they have resolved all kinds of problems, and closed ones believe this time they would do the same. But with deleted posts and Instagram accounts, rumors spread faster than flames in the forest. Although Machine Gun Kelly has not deleted any posts with her. But there is no confirmed news on whether they are together or not.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Relationship Rumors With Sophie Are Untrue

Megan Fox’s last post on Instagram took over the internet by storm. Many anticipated a possible break up, however, that is not true.No one knows whether they have parted ways. Although a fan comment below Megan fox’s post is MGK dating Sophie Llyod, a guitarist in his band. And Sophie has been dragged into the mud by the media and fans are shameful. She has nothing to do with Machine Gun Kelly or Megan Fox’s problem whatsoever. Dragging her between them is the most disrespectful thing the journalists have done so far. Sophie couldn’t keep her anger in check and opened her mouth clear the air about Machine Gun Kelly.

MGK is serious about Megan Fox from the beginning of their relationship. And just like before they are having a hard time doing or fixing their problem. But they will soon fix it. Megan is taking one step a day, and that’s considered progress. Sophie’s recent picture with Machine Gun Kelly at the super bowl ignited the rumor of them dating, which Sophie cleared as untrue.

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