Stimulus Check Update- Residents Of Georgia To Have Payments Worth $500

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Taxpayers in the state of Georgia will definitely be seeing a stimulus check payment that has worth between $250 and $500 depending on the status of their filing. The surplus of the state will be going back into the hands of the taxpayers. The Governor of the state, Brian Kemp, had already signed House Bill 1302 into law all the way back in March. Close to a billion dollars will be spent on stimulus payments for the residents of the state. 

Georgia To Issue Stimulus Check Payment

The amount of stimulus check payment the people receive would depend on the status of filing in 2020 and 2021. The taxpayers will automatically be receiving the payment once they end up submitting the state tax return for 2021. Single filers or couples who have filed separately will be receiving a payment of $250. 

Filers for the head of household payment will be receiving a stimulus check amounting to $375. On the other hand, married joint filers will be seeing a payment of $500. Now, if one had already filed for their tax return ahead of the passing of the bill, one would still be receiving the payment. As it stands, there is absolutely no need for one to amend their tax return. Also, the form of payment one requested to receive their tax refund is also the way they will be receiving their stimulus payment. 

Kemp proposed $415 million in grants for COVID-19 Stimulus Check to companies and NGOs earlier this week. The government didn’t indicate it was federally funded money until the last phrase of its long news release promoting the help. A committee Kemp formed recommended such prizes to the Kemp administration in December. Other significant Kemp committee recommendations were made public in February.

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