Ukraine Crisis Brings Out Double Standard From US Government

Kyiv Ukraine

Ukraine Crisis has been one of the biggest news at the moment. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is arguably the most tragic incident that the modern world has witnessed. Russia has almost destroyed the whole country with its ruthless attacks.

Ukraine has been transformed into a city of the dead overnight. Random bombings and military attacks have become normal in the country. People are being killed mercilessly. The Russian soldiers are not allowing any residents to leave the country. The whole country is in utmost chaos.

In order to save themselves from the attacks, most of the citizens have decided to abandon Ukraine. One of their initial go-to destinations has been the United States of America. The government of the United States did not disappoint the refugees. He immediately extended a hand to support the poor souls.

The US government offered all the refugees the status of Temporary Protected. This would save them from the ruthless attacks of the Russians. The American government also said that the people of Ukraine should not worry about the fear of being deported elsewhere.

As appreciable as these gestures are, politicians could not help but notice the double standards. The Ukraine Crisis has exposed the dual standards of the US government. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Ukraine Crisis Leaves Many Frowning 

Ukraine Crisis has left a lot of politicians frowning at the government of the US. They are very much angry after watching the double standard behavior of the government.

Most politicians have complained that there are many more refugees out there who need to be saved.

They stated that if the government can protect the Ukrainians, why can’t they do the same for others. 

The Ukraine Crisis made people wonder why the American government did not provide the same support for Ethiopia and Cameroon.

These countries have also been wrecked by war. It remains to be seen how the government reacts to the situation in the future.