Stimulus Check Worth Up To $500 For Georgia Residents

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

Because the state had a surplus last year, it is giving out Stimulus Checks totaling $1.1 billion.

Employees who served on the front lines during COVID are being rewarded with Stimulus Checks in Augusta, Georgia. The city plans to compensate anyone who worked in jobs with a high risk of infection during the epidemic. The amount of money you’ll be eligible for is determined by the number of hours you work and the employment type you work in. Full-time city employees, for example, will receive a $500 incentive, while part-time employees will receive only $250.

Are You Eligible For The Stimulus Check?

If you worked in public safety, dispatch, custodial, or garbage collection during the epidemic, you may be eligible for an extra $500 Stimulus Check. Part-time employees in the above sectors will receive $500, while full-time employees would receive $1,000.

The state’s economy rebounded strongly last year from a brief pandemic recession in 2020, thanks to a surge of federal COVID-19 rescue funds.

The state finished the fiscal year 2021 with a $3.7 billion surplus, with some of the money going into the government’s savings account. Democrats claim Kemp, a Republican, has glossed over the reality that the surplus was created mostly on federal help, which went for everything from extended unemployment benefits and child tax credits to health care, housing, and business assistance.  

Kemp proposed $415 million in grants for COVID-19 Stimulus Check to companies and NGOs earlier this week. The government didn’t indicate it was federally funded money until the last phrase of its long news release promoting the help.

A committee Kemp formed recommended such prizes to the Kemp administration in December. Other significant Kemp committee recommendations were made public in February.