The Staff Of A Democratic Politician, Gerry Connolly, Was Attacked With A (Metal) Baseball Bat

Gerry Connolly

Representative Gerry Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, claimed that a man brandishing a bat entered his local office on Monday and struck two staff members. According to Connolly, the attacker who broke into his chamber and struck two of Gerry Connolly’s assistants did so while brandishing a bat. He claimed that the attacker used the bat to hit one senior assistant in the forehead. The one who attacked also struck an intern whose joining day it was, with the object.

Gerry Connolly said in an early statement on Monday that the guy was detained by the City of Fairfax Police Department while the two assistants were brought to the doctor with injuries that were not so severe.

Gerry Connolly Speaks Up Regarding The Recent Incident In His Office

The defendant, Xuan Pham, 49, a local of Fairfax, was charged with two counts of malicious injuries and one of severe malicious injury, according to US Capitol Police. According to USCP, it was not clear then what his purpose might have been for the crime.  The police do not currently have any news suggesting the attacker was familiar to the USCP, according to what is now known.

According to his father, Pham has schizophrenia. According to documents, Pham had been detained with charges of assaulting a police officer before but the complaint was later withdrawn. Connolly claimed he is unaware of the attacker, a district resident who broke computers and broke glass in a meeting room while doing extensive damage to his office. In an online interview with CNN, Connolly said that he was submerged with a kind of rage that was uncontrollable.

Later on Monday, Gerry Connolly revealed that the individual had previously gotten in touch with his office. Gerry Connolly told the media that his team was assisting the man after he had asked the company for assistance with anything. However, there has currently been no proof that they were even remotely connected. Additionally, his team picked up on the strange claims when speaking with him. However, never threatened.