Gigi Hadid says she was told she ‘didn’t have a runway body’ at the beginning of her career

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid

The way to modeling wasn’t a simple one for Gigi Hadid. The 24-year-old opened up to i-D Magazine recently, where she uncovered that in spite of being the girl of a well-known model – – Yolanda Hadid – the business was hard to break into in view of her body type.

In 2015, Jean Paul Gaultier cast Hadid in her first Paris runway appear, which came as she seemed to be “leaving secondary school” and still had her “volleyball body.”

“It was a body that I loved,” said Hadid. “I realized how hard I attempted to have those muscles, to be bent in those spots — I sort of miss it now. At that point, people were no picnic for me and attempted to state that I didn’t have a runway body.”

In spite of the fact that Hadid had discovered other work, it wasn’t actually what she envisioned. Fortunately, along came Gaultier.

“There were still beauticians or originators around then who were placing me in their shows, yet putting me something that truly secured my body,” she clarified. “Thus for him to cause me to feel like he liked me to sparkle in as such, it truly implied a ton to me as a youthful model.”

Hadid likewise noticed that Gaultier has “done that for many individuals.”

Hadid as of late teamed up with the designer again, strolling in his runway show a month ago.

“I was so honored to be asked to walk in it because he didn’t just work with the people who he’d worked with for his whole career, but he also streetcar so much of his last couture show,” said Hadid. “And I think that says so much about who he is as a designer and as a person. He cares so much about the person that’s wearing the look and bringing out something in them.”

Hadid also revealed that she’s unsure what the future holds for her, including whether she’ll continue to work as a model.

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