Ginni Thomas Confessed About 6th January

Ginni Thomas
Ginni Thomas

Ginni Thomas, the activist living in Virginia, stated in an interview that though she went to a rally on 6th January 2021, she has no hand in planning the event. She even added that she never involves her husband who is a Justice of the Supreme Court in any political matter. 

Ginni Thomas Had No Role In The Rally Of 6th January

There are some legal experts who thought that there will be a difference in opinion between Ginni Thomas and her husband, Clarence Thomas in regard to her activism work. A problem arose when Clarence Thomas was accused that he gave away some records of the former President of America, Donald Trump to an investigating committee of Congress. However, he got his clearance in January.

As per several media houses, along with CNN, many activism stories of Ginni Thomas were run and her husband was called a recuse. In the words of Gabe Roth, justice must be disqualified if he ever shows some sign of impartiality. He even added that she was a part of the rally and have cast her doubt in the election of 2020.

However, Ginni Thomas denied any connection with the rally and said that her husband is her legal lane. She mentioned that just like normal couples, they have some common views and ideals, however, their careers are different and they also have differences in opinions in many cases. Ginni Thomas added that she never discusses her work with her husband and neither does he. 

Several critics stated that the judicial system is faulty and it requires more accountability and transparency. Ginni Thomas clarified to the media that though she is disappointed that a peaceful rally turned hostile, yet, she did not pay for any busses or had no role in it. Furthermore, she added that she is true to herself and her profession and would never be affected by the false news in the media.