Glenn Youngkin Has Attempted To Ban Critical Race Theory

glenn youngkin
glenn youngkin

The newly elected Republican Governor for Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, has decided to pass a horde of conservative orders soon after swearing-in. The orders range from attempts to change the local schools’ curriculums to loosening mandates of public health during the pandemic- which came after he was sworn into office on Saturday.

The former CEO of a private equity firm, who has never served in any political capacity before- became the first Republican Governor of the state since 2010 in a closely watched gubernatorial election that took place the previous year. 

Critical Race Theory To be Banned By Gov. Glenn Youngkin

Immediately, Glenn Youngkin went on to place the issue of critical race theory at the center of his campaign, where he capitalized on a conservative backlash that took place against the disciple and pledged to ban in from being taught in the schools of the state. Critical race theory is an academic practice that analyzes the ways in which racism still functions in US laws and the society we live in. 

After taking oath on Saturday, Glenn Youngkin unveiled a list of nine executive orders along with a couple of executive directives, with the first in the list being referred to as a directive to restore excellence in education by ending the use of divisive concepts- which include Critical Race Theory, in public education. The order has around 13 instructions for the state superintendent for schools, who have been given the task of reviewing the curriculum of the state and policies within the education department, to identify the divisive concepts. 

Along with Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia, there have been 22 other states that have moved towards putting up a limit on the teaching of critical race theory in the last couple of months, as the rightwing media in the country continue to fuel disinformation about the teaching of this little-known discipline.