Joel Quenneville Steps Down

Joel Quenneville
Joel Quenneville

Joel Quenneville has recently stepped down from his role. He was serving as the present coach of the Florida Panthers. Joel had been a great addition to the side when took charge. He managed the team very well and had a good rapport with the players. 

The coach led the team to many memorable victories. He was signed by the club under a contract of five years. The head coach decided to resign in his third year of the role. Joel had twenty-four months of the contract still left. He also had a significant amount of money left in his contract. According to his contract, Joel Quenneville still had $15m which he gave up. 

Rumors have been going on about his sudden decision of resignation. He seemed to be very much disturbed by the sexual harassment incident of Chicago BlackHawks. Let us know more about the story below. 

Joel Quenneville Coach No More As Sexual Controversy Hits

Recent reports confirmed that Joel had indeed resigned from his head coach post. He discussed his decision with the commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman. He stated to Bettman that his decision has been largely influenced by the BlackHawk’s ongoing sexual controversy. The commissioner informed the public of having a detailed meeting with Joel Quenneville. 

It was concluded in the meeting that Joel should not drag his coaching tenure further. Both the parties accepted the proposal. He also extended his note of thanks to the officials at Panthers. The Chicago Blackhawks player, Kyle Beach accused of being harassed sexually. He stated that the previous video assistant Brad Aldrich abused him sexually.

Joel Quenneville has been accused of being aware of the incident. The incident took place eleven years ago during the Stanley Cup. It is said that Joel did not protest despite knowing about the harassment. These allegations seem to have cut the coaching reign of Joel Quenneville short.