Global Enterprises Strengthen Cybersecurity Strategies Through 2021 

Cybersecurity Strategies
Cybersecurity Strategies

Global tech enterprises are strengthening their cybersecurity strategies through 2021. According to recent data, nearly 95% of executives are shifting their cybersecurity strategy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 2020 saw a surge of cyberattacks and security threats as more companies shifted to remote work environments. With this increase, over 50% of executives are expected to increase cybersecurity budgets in 2021. As a tech enterprise manager, you need to know the best strategies to upgrade your cyber security. This way, you can protect your sensitive business data from hackers while working remotely. Read on to discover how global tech enterprises are strengthening their cybersecurity strategies through 2021. 

Investing In VPNs 

First, many global tech giants investing in virtual private networks (VPNs) to increase cybersecurity in 2021. Before you integrate this important cybersecurity resource, you first need to know about what is a VPN.  Importantly, a VPN provides creates a private network from a public internet connection. These resources are great resources to mask your internet protocol (IP) address. This increases your internet privacy by making your online activity much more difficult to trace. Additionally, you can use a VPN to establish secure, encrypted connections as well. Indeed, this is essential when working in remote and public settings, as it can protect your data and web activity from being infiltrated by other network users. Definitely, enterprises are investing in VPNs to encrypt their web activity and secure their IP addresses. 

Securing Wi-Fi Networks 

Next, tech companies are also securing their Wi-Fi networks to protect their business data. Secure WiFi networks and supporting technology have enhanced online gaming, office work, and global enterprise performance. Ideally, your workplace Wi-Fi should be kept secure and hidden. To hide your network, you can configure your router so it does not broadcast the network name. This way, the service set identifier (SSID) will be more difficult for users to find. Indeed, you can ensure that only your trusted employees have access to your network. Additionally, you should turn on your encryption to require passwords for access. Be sure to change your administrative password periodically as well to keep your connection secure. If your employees are working remotely, they should follow these guidelines as well.  

Install An Advanced Docker Registry 

In addition, tech enterprises are also installing an advanced Docker registry to boost their cybersecurity. Many software development companies use these registries to store their Docker container images and repositories. Once integrated, container registries provide secure, reliable storage at each stage of development. For example, an Artifactory Docker registry by JFrog uses cloud-based providers to offer massively scalable storage for your repositories. With fine-grained access control, you can share your images throughout your organization securely. Plus, Artifactory’s REST API allows you to only promote Docker images if they pass quality assurance tests. In this way, advanced Docker registries ensure that your image files stay protected at each stage of development. 

Backup Data In The Cloud 

Moreover, global tech enterprises are also utilizing cloud back up services to protect their data in 2021. With encryption, cloud storage providers can protect your sensitive files online. Since your data is backed up through the cloud, you should be able to access it at any time as long as you choose a reliable provider. Importantly, there are several types of cloud backup storage. If you require high level security for your enterprise, you should use a private cloud storage provider. Serviced by third-party vendors, these are best for organizations who need full data control and customization. This way, you can stay focused at home, in the office, or even on vacation. Whichever provider you choose, it is essential to backup your data in the cloud to amplify your cybersecurity. 

Use Multi-Factor Authentication 

Furthermore, global tech companies are also using multi-factor authentication (MFA) to upgrade their cybersecurity. Typically, this requires users to provide two or more verification methods to access to various tech resources. Whether you’re using MFA for applications, online accounts, or a VPN, this is fundamental to any strong identity and access management practice. Some software uses facial recognition, fingerprints, or other biometric analysis methods. On the other hand, some applications use one-time passwords (OTPs) which are usually sent to another device for verification. Surely, global tech companies are upgrading to two-factor authentication methods to increase their password and sign-in protections. 

Global tech enterprises are strengthening their cybersecurity strategies through 2021. First, companies are investing in VPNs to encrypt their web activity. Next, they are also securing their Wi-Fi networks to establish secure connections. In addition, software development companies are installing advanced container registries to protect their Docker images throughout the development lifecycle. Moreover, enterprises are using multi-factor authentication to boost login defenses. Furthermore, companies are also backing up their data in the cloud. Strengthen your 2021 cybersecurity with these global tech enterprise strategies.