Ron DeSantis Suspends State Attorney Over Gender Affirming Medical Care And Abortion Law Stance

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis today announced the removal of Andrew Warren, the State Attorney of Hillsborough County, over his avowed opposition to the abortion law and his stance on medical care designed to affirm and support an individual’s gender-affirming. The Republican Florida Governor was dismissive of the attorney, calling him ‘woke’ and saying that his government was a government of laws, not of men.

Ron DeSantis said that the state attorney had refused to enforce Florida’s state laws, which included his declaration not to indict people going in for an abortion, and doctors who performed them.

DeSantis was accompanied by police officers from the Tampa Bay area. He said that the attorney had signed a letter where he had stated that he would not enforce prosecution of people accused of going in for abortion or their caregiver. He also refused to enforce laws that prohibited gender-affirming medical care for minors.

Warren Has Been A Constant Critic Of Ron DeSantis’ Policies

Taking advantage of a provision in the Constitution of Florida, Ron DeSantis fired Warren, to the surprise of observers. Warren has been the most outspoken of the state prosecutors and has been frequently critical of the Republican DeSantis.

Earlier he had termed Ron DeSantis’ anti-riot law of 2021 as an ill-advised solution on the lookout for a problem. He had also fought against the creation of a security force by Ron DeSantis to oversee elections.

Warren remained defiant even when he was led out of his office. In a new conference later, he was defiant and said that he remained a Hillsborough County elected attorney. He refused to concur that this could be his final appearance as a state attorney.

Warren said that he was yet to see the order sent by Ron DeSantis and refused to divulge if he would legally defy his action. He was dismissive of the action taken by the Governor and said that he based his action on lies and conjecture. He said that Ron DeSantis was prompted by presidential ambitions and was moving against a free and fair election result. He said that the governor was instead trying to overthrow a duly elected attorney representing Hillsborough County.