Going To The Super Bowl LVI: The Price Of Tickets And The COVID Restrictions

Super Bowl
Super Bowl

Fans attending the Super Bowl could face COVID restrictions and be required to show vaccination proof and wear masks, while there has been a 16% fall in prices of the most reasonably priced tickets since the participating teams were finally determined. This was revealed by TickPicks, the ticket sellers to the show.

The price of the tickets to Super Bowl LVI will start from $5,450 and up to around $100,000 as revealed by the sites selling official tickets.

The initial admission prices were $6,500 for the entry-level tickets during the NFC Championship’s 3rd quarter when the San Francisco 49ers were leading the Los Angeles Rams. The ticket prices were $4,500 5 years ago, said sources at TickPicks.

StubHub, another ticket vendor has listed tickets starting $5,700. The upper sideline tickets cost up to $99,999. With additional fees, the price of the same ticket will inflate to $126,751.

The average purchasing cost of Super Bowl tickets was lower at about $8,500, revealed TickPick sources. The most expensive ticket on this particular site was around $42,204. Purchase figures revealed 3 tickets at the 100 Level Club, which cost $14,068 each.

The LA Rams and the Bengals will play on February 13 at SoFi Stadium, at Inglewood in California. The LA Rams will become the 2nd-successive NFL team playing host at home.

Super Bowl Will Have Pandemic Restriction In Place

The Super Bowl in 2021 looked much like the one in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic led to severe disruptions, changing protocols, and postponements. The emerging variant named Omicron had played a key role throughout the playoffs. It will play a major role during the Super Bowl as California has always been aggressive with pandemic policies to combat the spread of the virus.

Close to 100 million people will tune in to their televisions. But the way the arenas are designed will ensure that only a few premium ticket holders will get to be close to the field to witness live the details of the game. Others will be left to soak in the atmosphere and watch on the screens.