Bachelorette 2021’s Thurston Wants The Men To Be Organic

Bachelorette 2021
Bachelorette 2021

The Bachelorette 2021 has begun. This is the 17 season of the American reality show. The bachelorette of the season is Katie Thurston, the 30-year-old television personality. The new season revealed her with 30 other men who are her potential husbands. Another thing about the Bachelorette is that there are two hosts who are fresh to the reality show. They are Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshla Adams. The two are debuting as “fill-in hosts.”

Bachelorette 2021, Details 

The new season is the only one where there is no Chris Harrison who has been the host of the show for so many years. The American host had to step aside from his role following the controversy. The 49-year-old Harrison has been criticized for excusing the act of racism in the show. Bachelorette 2021 comes with so many “first times.” The bachelorette of the season, Katie Thurston, will be accompanied by Kaitlyn and Tayshia as her tour guides into the show. They will be there for her right till the end of the show. But Katie is not aware of this yet. 

There was a cocktail party that was held and the Bachelorette 2021 went on to express her emotions and needs that were related to her journey in finding herself the right man. She gave a clear message while she toasted. She requested each and every member to be themselves in front of her. She added that only then would the relationship work. She also went on to thank all the members for keeping aside all their lives and coming to be a part of the show. 

The Bachelorette 2021 kicked off with a romantic night. Katie had a conversation with Andrew S and tried to carry out her “fake British accent” which was more inclined towards being “Australian.” After that, Thomas made his entry into the Bachelorette 2021 scene. He is one of the real estate agent brokers who has managed to charm Katie.

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