Golden Globes’ Organization, HFPA, Loses Two Members

Golden Globes
Golden Globes

Golden Globes, the award ceremony that is held annually, is set to lose a total of three important members. To be precise, the members are reduced from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that is behind the award ceremony. The total membership of the organization was 87. But now, there are just 83 members. 

Golden Globes And The Criticism That Follows

The news of the death of Yoram Kahana, one of the members of the organization, was reported this Thursday. The deceased writer and photographer hailing from Israel had been a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, HFPA, for a very long time.  Following the news, another news broke out stating that Wenting Xu and Diederik van Hoogstraten had given up on their membership of the said association. It is also reported that they gave a negative remark on the Golden Globes’ organization.

The two members used the word “toxic” to describe it. Not only that but Wenting Xu and Diedrik have vowed to form another organization that would be much better than this. They stated that their organization would be an inclusive, professional, and transparent one. And that will be done by the upcoming as well as current reporters who only want to carry out their duties without a toxic-free environment.

The media organization of the Golden Globes had been facing constant criticism since the month of February. They were criticized primarily for their non-inclusive nature. Among the total 87 members, not even one member belonged to the community of the Black. In addition to that, this branch of the Golden Globes was found guilty of constantly practicing improper financial and ethical misconduct. 

The charity called Time’s Up and a coalition of the PR firms belonging to the entertainment industry together pressured the HFPA in order to bring about some reforms. Following this, there was a plan proposed by them accordingly in addition to expelling Philip Berk, a member who stood accused of insensitivity. However, all the associated parties stated that the reforms were not adequate