Google And Apple Are Launching A Coronavirus Tracking Tool

Coronavirus Tracking Tool
Coronavirus Tracking Tool

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly and contact with an infected person is one of the main reasons. Google and Apple are going to launch a Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform that will help people stop this deadly virus from spreading further. 

This program will let users know if they have contacted a corona positive patient in the past 14 days. This will inform the users of the potential risk-zones and then they can self-quarantine. 

Google and Apple will launch the platform in two phases. First, they will launch the Application Programming Interface (API) and include it in the National Government’s Health app. These health apps will be available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. People need to download those apps once those are available and participate in the program. The phones with the apps installed then can exchange keys between them and trace who has contacted whom. 

In the next phase, Google and Apple will integrate this feature on their phone OS. This will not then need a third-party app to share keys and trace contact information. 

But this feature must verify sources before alerting otherwise it will create more havoc. 


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