GOP Lawmaker Called Zelensky A ‘Thug’ And Criticised His Government

GOP Lawmaker
GOP Lawmaker

Madison Cawthorn, the Republican Rep of North Carolina recently gave a statement where he openly called the President of Ukraine, Zelensky, a thug, and his Government as an evil one. He not only criticized the leader of Ukraine but also its Government and its workings in this critical time. 

His statement was similar to Donald Trump, the former President of America, who released statements supporting Putin, the President of Russia contradicting the stand of the bipartisan of the U.S. The remarks of the GOP Lawmaker, Madison, and Donald Trump received huge criticisms. 

Criticisms Received By GOP Lawmaker For His Stand

Sen. Joni Ernst reminded all his House colleagues that it is not Ukraine that is invading Russia rather just the opposite and people should consider that. Another Sen of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, also stated that more than 90% of the people living in America are sympathizing with Ukraine and when a member of the party takes a separate stand, it makes them outliers. 

There are two other candidates that will fight against GOP lawmaker, Cawthorn, and they also condemned the anti-Ukraine statements given by him. In the words of Michele Woodhouse, she is confused about how anyone can release such statements against Zelensky when Ukraine is under such a terrible situation. 

Another Sen. Chuck Edwards also tweeted that considering the present situation, the actual thug is Putin and everyone must get united and pray for the Ukrainians and their leader in this hard time when they are fighting bravely against Russia for their freedom. Karl Rove, the strategist of the Republican reported the statements of the GOP lawmaker in the Wall Street Journal while he was supporting some people in Asheville and CNN telecasted a video where he was talking against Ukraine. 

The GOP lawmaker said that the government of Ukraine is very corrupt and evil and they support woke ideas in politics. However, later on, he gave a clarification that though his prayers are with the people of Ukraine, still a leader like Zelenesky should not propagate misinformation about America.