New Beginning For Ryan Poles in The Bears After Trade Of Khalil Mack

Ryan Poles

The decision of the Bears to trade Khalil Mack back in 2018 was a thoughtful choice. Khalil Mack is required by a team in his best days only if they are considering winning the Super Bowl very soon. However, the decision taken by Ryan Poles and the whole team on Thursday portrayed a different goal for the Bears

New Vision Of Ryan Poles For The Bears

As per sources, a team only trades a player of 31-year old, after his best career time if they are considering winning a Super Bowl. Thus, the team might have thought that by trading Mack, they would remodel the strategies of the team for the purpose of winning tournaments. However, the trade of Mack is a clear indication that Ryan Poles will shine in the upcoming matches. 

A new rebuild is considered which will be centered for the team around a quarterback. By rebuilding, it means that all the books of finance are stripped which will give pain for some time. In addition to this, some players who cannot give their best to the team must be removed gradually and new pieces must be joined for a fresh team. 

Though for now Mack has been traded off, it could also be Tarik Cohen, Danny Trevathan, Jimmy Graham, or even Robert Quinn. As per the general manager of Bears, it is an unofficial fresh start for the career of Ryan Poles. Ryan Poles’ plans are still hidden as he made Justin Fields, the first Bears star quarterback. His objective is to be calm and to train the team as per his own vision. Ryan Poles believe that the band-aid must be pulled off really soon rather than waiting for a long time. 

The hardest part will be building a vision and following it as many GMs of Bears though tried very hard, could not build it. However, Ryan Poles does not take up easy tasks and if he could trade Mack from the team, then nobody else is safe.