Farrah Abraham Slams Harvard For Being ‘Educationally Abusive’

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is definitely not happy with the online courses taught at Harvard and has been planning to sue one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Her decision to sue the university comes after she was allegedly blocked from an online course by a professor of the University who was educationally abusive towards her.

The celeb, who was the former ‘Teen Mom’, states that while she was a part of an online course that taught creative writing under Professor Patricia Bellanca, she was kicked out of the course without any proper explanation. 

Farrah Abraham About To Sue Harvard

Farrah Abraham mentions that the professor had encouraged the entire class to submit in a class activity without getting the chance to proofread it, which was then used against her as an excuse to suggest that she leave the course.

The thirty year old celeb mentioned that she was definitely dealing with haters in the field of education, where she was the one kicked out of a course that also had high school students in them. In her interview with TMZ, the star declared that she would be taking major legal action against the University- since she had properly invested her time into this program. 

Now, since Farrah Abraham wasn’t getting help from any parties throughout social media, she had to write a review on Yelp, Niche, and even on Google Maps, so that her voice could be heard. Abraham claims that she was discriminated against- not only because she had been a teen mom, but also because she was a person of color (Abraham is of Syrian, Danish, and Italian descent).

In her interview, Farrah Abraham further added that the entire university was nothing but a facade. Interestingly, her issues with the university began when LinkedIn had removed this school from her creds because she wasn’t able to provide proof of it. In return, she responded that the school should be added, simply because she paid to go there.

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