Republicans Attack Democrats On Voter ID Law: Ridicule Their Change Of Heart

Voter ID Law
Voter ID Law

With Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia signaling his willingness to a watered-down version of a voter identity, the GOP has attacked the decision as a U-turn on the voter ID law.

Senator Manchin had said that he is okay with a voter ID, that would include allowable alternatives to providing identity for voters.

While the Republicans have termed Senator Manchin’s proposal a compromise, the Senator has maintained that he is for an all-out effort to arrive at a point of agreement.

Democrats Not Willing To Change Voter ID Law

Stacey Abrams has defended Senator Manchin’s decision. She said that she would go along with his pitch even if it meant supporting the voter ID law. Manchin’s proposal includes the acceptance of several other documents that would be considered as sufficient proof of identity.

But most Democrats have always considered voter ID laws racist and suppressive and Abrams is among them.

Voter ID Law Would Discourage Many From Voting

It would be especially difficult for the deprived to produce a voter ID as proof, and it would also be expensive to obtain the documents to obtain them. Attorney General Eric Holder equated them to poll taxes of the 1900s. People were then required to pay to be eligible to vote.

The voter ID law would harm colored voters more because while 8% of whites have no voter IDs, for the colored population the figures are quite high as a quarter of blacks and Hispanics lack a proper ID.

Democrat Believe Voter ID Laws Have A Racist Undertone

And Stacey Abrams was spot on when she said that efforts to make it more difficult to vote were outright racist.

President Biden has said that the voter ID laws were nothing but a racial attempt by the Republicans to suppress minorities while making it look like an effort to fight corruption.

For The People Act goes to vote next week. But it appears to be doomed as it will not get the 10 Republican votes needed for it to pass.

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