Kamala Harris Under Republican Fire For Mexican Border Crisis

Border Patrol
Border Patrol

Kamala Harris has defended her decision to stay away from the border with Mexico where a refugee crisis has been brewing. She said that it would resolve nothing and would be only a ‘grand gesture’.

But Republican lawmakers have alleged that she is refusing to see the gravity of the situation as migrants surge to enter the country through the southern border.

Kamala Harris is the administration’s point-person on this issue. But she stressed that visiting the border was not a necessary element to solving the crisis.  At a joint press conference with the Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei, she said that she is instead focused on the root cause of the problem of the migrant influx from South and Central America.

But several Republican lawmakers have accused her of refusing to acknowledge the extent of the crisis. They said that President Biden’s decision to do away with Donald Trump’s policies has led to this crisis.

Kamala Harris Should Visit Mexican Border To Judge For Herself: GOP Lawmakers

The attempted mass influx, which includes many unaccompanied children, has led to a crisis at the border with detention facilities overflowing. The situation has led to security concerns.

Rep. John Katko, who is the top GOP member on the House Committee on Homeland Security said after a visit to the southern border that it was not possible to comprehend the problem without seeing it firsthand.

He drew an analogy to a crime scene though he did not clarify how the police chief needed to visit a scene when deputies would do the necessary job.

Senator Cruz said that the reason Kamala Harris was refusing to visit the border was that they had no solution to the crisis brewing there. He said that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden wanted the media to follow them and report on the ground situation at the border.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary defended the administration and said their policy was giving results. He said that they are executing their strategy and he was confident that it was the best way to go about it.

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