GOP Senators Have Been Pushing Back On Trump’s Controversial Claims

GOP Senators

Quite a few GOP senators have already started pushing back on the several controversial statements put forth by Donald Trump at the CNN Town Hall on Wednesday. The legislators stated that they were in complete disagreement with him on a long list of issues which could be a sign of the divisions within the Republican party over Donald Trump.

A member of the Senate Republican leadership, John Cornyn, informed CNN that the main problem was Trump’s inability to properly appeal to the voters that were outside his base. The member further remarked that he didn’t believe that Trump actually showed anything differently than what he had shown previously. John stated that Trump did have the ability to rally the base- but he had no idea how to grow it. 

GOP Senators Are Disillusioned With Donald Trump

Nevertheless, one of the GOP Senators mentioned that they were happy to let the entire process play out on its own during the primaries. During his speech, Donald Trump made several unsubstantiated and false claims– that included statements about the elections of 2020, violence on 6th January 2021, the economy, and how he had handled the records since he left the White House.

The former President didn’t mention who he thought should win the war between Russia and Ukraine, but rather he asked for the war to end. Trump claimed that Putin had made a mistake by invading the eastern European country- but never directly called him a war criminal.

One of the GOP Senators, Senator Todd Young of Indiana, was probably the most vocal about his hatred for Donald Trump. Speaking to CNN, he mentioned that Trump’s judgment was pretty wrong when it came to the Ukraine-Russia war. And this worried him- which is why he didn’t support him for the Republican nomination.