Ticket Transfer Rules Being Changed By Tennessee Titans

Ticket Transfer Rules

Tennessee fans do not care what you sport to a Titans game or how you cheer so long as you put on 2-tone blue outfits. Titan fans have requested to change ticket transfer rules.

Terri Hood stated that Tennessee Titan fans should be proud and loud. Every Titans game the stadiums are flooded with fans for the other teams. Nashville was a tie but the upcoming game will be different. Terri Hood is the holder of Tennessee’s season ticket since 2012.

Ticket Transfer Rules Will Change This Friday

Cincinnati Bengals will be reaching town to play against the Titans. The Bengals recently won their first playoffs since 1990. Titans fans worry that the stadium will be dominated by orange.

The authorities need not sell tickets to anyone except Titans supporters, said Twain Gaines, a longtime Titans fan.

The Titans simply cannot exclude the Bengals fans. However, they can do something else. The authorities can change ticket transfer rules.

Brooke Ellenberger, VP of Tickets for the Tennessee Titans, stated that they desire the two-tone blue to cover Nissan Stadium. He said that they were also going to limit the ticket transfer rules’ window. They hope that it will limit the crowd for the visiting team in the home stadium.

After the game tickets are bought, either straight from the official Titans’ site or via authorized NFL sites, the tickets cannot be sent to somebody else until twenty-four hours before the kickoff. The quickest that the ticket transfer rules could change is Fri 3:30 pm. They hope that it will be more than enough to contain specific fans from a city in Ohio from visiting.

The ticket transfer rules do not apply to tickets bought via websites like StubHub, Seat Geek, or Ticketmaster. The sites are authorized as they are NFL associate organizations.