GOP under mounting pressure to strike virus deal quickly

In light of the current pandemic situation and staggering economy, Republican Lawmakers are under great pressure to reach a new deal with the Democrats on a revised Covid-19 package.

The expiration of the federal moratorium on evictions, new cases in the Midwestern and Sunbelt states, the potential closure of small businesses, and most importantly the expiration of the $600 federal enhancement scheme for unemployed individuals are some of the factors that are forcing the Republicans in reaching a deal soon.

It still remains unclear whether the Congress can strike an agreement by the end of this week.

Senator Marco Rubio who chairs the Small Business Committed said that “Everyone here should feel pressure because this is a rolling economic emergency we’re facing.”

President Trump – who has been facing severe backlash on his performance of management of the pandemic – might show a boost in the polls if he manages to successfully reach a beneficial deal with the Democrats –  who will not agree to any bill lesser than the $3.4 trillion bill that was passed by the House in May.

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