Gossip Girl Reboot Has All The Relevant Gen Z Features

Gossip Girl Reboot
Gossip Girl Reboot

The Gossip Girl reboot is here! It is the incarnation of the popular American teen series, Gossip Girl, that was first released about nine years ago. It aired on the television channel, CW. The new incarnation of the show will be aired on the streaming channel, HBO Max

Gossip Girl Reboot Details

Gossip Girl reboot will premiere on the 8th of July. The set of the series is similar to that of its predecessor, Gossip Girl. it carries the similar vibe of the exclusive schools of Manhattan that are full of scandals. The entire case is a fresh bunch of people. The series is not a total break from the original show, viewers will witness some references to the original show in the Gossip Girl reboot. This time it is the social media that Gossip Girl uses in order to make the secrets public. 

Joshua Safran, the American television writer and the man behind the creation of the upcoming series, gave an insight into what the show would look like according to his ideas. He stated his ideas on the platform of one of the news shows. He stated that he has tried his best to bring those things in the series that are relatable to the youth in the real world, especially when it comes to culture. Joshua Safran is also the executive producer of the original Gossip Girl. 

As per the statement, viewers can expect subjects like cyberbullying and the entire process of online rumors. The cast of Gossip Girl Reboot is also diverse, both sexually as well as racially. And this is the case not just in terms of the cast but also in terms of characters. The revival of the show revolves around the lives of the popular school called “Constance Billard.” It involves the story of Zoya Lott, who is played by Whitney Peak, the Ugandan-Canadian actress.