Gov. Ron DeSantis Has Threatened To Penalize Counties

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida stated that the state would be punishing the city and county governments that required their employees to get vaccinated. This was stated in a Monday press release, where he also put up a fine of $5000 for every single violation.

DeSantis has referred to this as his way of saving the jobs of the people of Florida, as he mentioned that people who have been serving the state so faithfully shouldn’t be discarded just for this issue as it essentially is a personal choice on their individual health. 

Ron DeSantis Has Looked Down Upon The Vaccine Mandate

Ron DeSantis’s fines did go on to spark a major backlash from different counties throughout the state, which essentially underscores the broad Republican resistance to the efforts of President Joe Biden in reining in the pandemic. This time around, the POTUS had decided to impose strict new vaccine rules on large employers, federal workers, and staff in the healthcare department.

The POTUS had directed the Department of Labor the week before to mandate a law that would require every single business with around 100 or more employees to make sure that their workers were either completely vaccinated or were tested once for the virus. 

While US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy believes that this mandate of the President will definitely benefit employees, Ron DeSantis is of the idea that the mandates are in clear violation of a new law in Florida that was passed during the most recent legislative session of the state. This law prevents private enterprises from requiring any single proof of vaccination- but it also applies to multiple government agencies. 

Ron DeSantis claims that the mandates are fundamentally wrong, and people shouldn’t be allowing the federal government to interfere in their personal life. 

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