Vaccine Mandate: Biden’s Law Infuriates Republicans

Vaccine Mandate
Vaccine Mandate

Joe Biden’s Vaccine mandate has been seen as inherently unconstitutional by Republicans who have sworn to block it. According to the new policy, the POTUS would be forcing employers with more than 100 workers to get vaccinated for coronavirus, or test their employees every week, which has seemingly appalled the Republican Congress members as well as multiple state governors.

This mandate which could potentially affect around 100 million Americans in a vast array of jobs which include health care, would also be affecting the private sector. Rep. Thomas Massie stated in a tweet that the mandate was absolutely unconstitutional. 

Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate ‘Unconstitutional’

Representative Neal Dunn, a Republican from Florida has stated that the vaccine mandate isn’t the solution as this should be something that is decided upon by the patient and their doctor- the government has no role to play in it.

The Republican from Colorado, Rep. Lauren Boebert, also mentioned that around 9 million federal employees should definitely consult with their doctor in order to make a personal informed decision about getting vaccinated. She believes that Biden has failed as a leader because of his coercive act of placing a mandate. 

Rep. Robert Aderholt of Alabama stated that the US Constitution didn’t have any provisions for the POTUS to wield such authority. There was no portion of Article 2 of the Indian Constitution where one would find anything that allows the President to institute something like a vaccine mandate.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas affirmed that by stating that the federal government had absolutely no way of forcing businesses in Texas and other parts of the country to mandate that the employees get vaccinated. 

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona has sworn to push back the vaccine mandate that has been placed by President Joe Biden.