Mitt Romney Proposes More Money To Support Families But Plans To Cut Down On Welfare Programs

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

At a glance, GOP. Senator Mitt Romney’s proposition related to child payment might seem more lucrative but there is more to this story than money.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney recently unveiled a plan where he proposed to pay households, a sum of $4,200 per year for each young child in the family. This bid outmaneuvers the proposal put forward by President Biden for the child-payment welfare program. But Mitt Romney also plans to simultaneously eliminate several popular welfare programs which might seem difficult to gain the support from fellow Democrats.

Romney’s plan includes a monthly payment of $350 per child in a family under the age of 6 and $250 per child to those families that have children from the age of 6-18. Families across the nation will become eligible to receive this cash payment four months prior to their due date. This means that the family will receive an aid of $1400 per child before the child’s birth.

Mitt Romney’s Child-Payment Plan To Scrap Popular Welfare Programs

The plan is still in its early stages as it is still unclear how the Senators will approach this proposition. The opinion of Democrats and other Republicans is also unclear till now. The Senator’s office has not given out a formal response to Mitt Romney’s child-payment plan. However, the plan has gained some momentum as progressive and moderate think tanks back up Romney’s plan.

Mitt Romney’s plan however, will be scrapping the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the SALT deduction and the Child and Dependent Care Credit if his plan passes as a law.

President Biden, in the short time that he has been in the office, has proposed the increment of the child tax credit allowance. This is included in his American Rescue Plan of $1.9 trillion. According to his proposition, each family will be receiving approximately $3,600 for each child.