Clarence Thomas Continues In Bid To Protect January 6 Accused: Saves Sen. Lindsey Graham From Testifying Before Grand Jury

Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas has provisionally blocked a lower court judge’s order that required Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham from testifying in the 2020 election conspiracy case. He issued an order that excused Graham from testifying before the grand jury looking into the criminal involvement of Trump and others in overturning the 2020 presidential election results.

Trump and his allies stand accused of criminally trying to overturn the presidential elections in 2020. Clarence Thomas conceded to Graham’s request to hold the criminal case until further inquiry either from a full court or by the justice himself.

Clarence Thomas Saves Trump Ally After Lower Court Refuses Protection

On Friday, Clarence Thomas, the Trump ally and South Carolina Republican Senator filed an emergency application before the highest court after an appeals court refused to concede to his plea to halt the questioning by the grand jury.

Senator Graham had claimed that he was immune to questioning under the US Constitution’s Speech or Debate clause because of his position. The clause gave him immunity to questioning related to any action that he might take during a legislative process.

Earlier Leigh Martin May, a US District Judge had given Graham some reprice when he narrowed the range of queries that the Senator was required to answer. He ruled that Graham was protected from the need to discuss investigative fact-finding that he may have been engaged in the process of calling up state electoral officers.

But May had ruled that Graham was liable to be quizzed about efforts to persuade officials to reject the ballots or his alleged contact with the campaign of the former president. But Graham’s bid to totally avoid testifying was rejected by Judge May.

While Senator Graham isn’t directly under investigation, his testament could prove crucial in unraveling the communication that Trump had with the conspirators to reverse the 2020 election process.