Ron DeSantis Approves New Law Titled, “Combating Public Disorder”

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state of Florida recently approved a new bill into law. The bill in question has been a controversial one. It works on restricting the riots and the damage of property. This is with regard to the Democratic party of the state. 

Ron DeSantis’ Faith In The Law

As per the new law, the people who will committee certain crimes will now have a heavier price to pay. The crimes include theft, burglary, assault, battery against an officer of law enforcement at the time of the riot. It also introduces prohibition in defacing or damaging historic properties and memorials.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor, talked about the newly introduced law at a platform of a news conference. This took place this Monday. He went on to praise the law for the discipline it will bring about in the country’s legislation. The Republican Governor further spoke about the efforts of him and his party is acting against the “tactics” carried out by the left. He stated that they were working against the intentions of the radical left. 

The law approved by Governor Ron DeSantis has divided the arguments of the Democratic and the Republican party. The Republicans belonging to the state of Florida are of the view that the new law will bring about safety protests and will prove to keep violence at bay. However, this view is not supported by the Democrats. According to them, there are chances that the innocent protestors can be detained for all the wrong reasons. They are also of the view that this law targets those belonging to the minority communities. 

The title of the law of Ron DeSantis is, Combating Public Disorder. As per the provisions of the law, the guilty will be arrested until the appearance of his first court appearance. This will naturally keep them from getting bail.

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