European Super League Has The Foootballing World Divided. All Updates And Reactions So Far!

super league

Recently 12 leading European soccer clubs announced their plan of breaking away in order to form a new league called the European Super League. This move has the potential to wreak havoc on the traditional strictures of European football that comprises domestic leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. Eventually the top teams from these leagues qualify to play in the continental competitions including the pre-eminent, Champions League.

Since the announcement, organizing bodies, players, and most importantly, fans have expressed massive outrage against this move.

European Super League May Cause Seismic Shift In Football

Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, is the inaugural chairman of the European Super League. According to his statement, this move will support and protect the football.

UEFA, which conducts the Champions League tournaments, has informed that any club participating in the European Super League will face a ban from domestic leagues. In addition, the players of each club will be banned from Euros and the World Cup.

So far 6 Premier League teams, 3 La Liga, and 3 Serie A clubs have signed up as the founding clubs of ESL. These include big names like Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and others.

French and German clubs like Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain declared their commitment to Champions League.

ESL will feature 20 clubs with 15 permanent, founding clubs and 5 more clubs to qualify based on the season’s achievements. Although they are yet to give details regarding these ‘achievements’.

Both FIFA and UEFA have announced a ban and heavy penalization against teams and players interested in ESL. Fans, former players, and official organizations are venting major backlash while others are yet to have their official meetings.