Lauren Boebert Reacts Against Joe Biden Decision

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert is a GOP representative in the United States Of America. She has expressed her disliking towards the decision taken by the US President. Joe Biden decided to withdraw the American forces that were posted in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been hit by the most unfortunate incident recently. The seizure of the country by the Taliban forces has left the world in shock. Boebert did not support the decision of Biden. She said that withdrawing the American troops was not the right decision. Earlier, Biden had clarified and justified his decision. At a press conference, he stated that the Afghan troops were reluctant for the war. As an American, he did not want to fight a lone battle. 

Lauren Boebert Opposes Biden’s Afghanistan Policy

Joe Biden stated at a press conference that no American citizen should be harmed. He issued a warning to the Taliban troops about their actions against Americans. Biden threatened to take strong actions if any of his countrymen were harmed. However, the patriotic speech did not stop people from criticizing his policy. 

Lauren Boebert took a major disliking towards Biden’s policies. She compared the withdrawal with America’s exit from Vietnam in the year 1975. Boebert accused Biden of not learning from their previous mistakes. Incidentally, Joe Biden was a Senate member when Vietnam happened. 

Lauren held Biden responsible for all the chaos. She said that the Taliban were now free to act as per will. This leaves a lot of Americans who are stranded in Afghanistan in danger. Afghanistan has always been an ally of America. Lauren felt it was unfair of the US President to abandon them so easily. 

Lauren Boebert however, faced heat for her tweets. A member of Congress mocked by stating that he opposed providing benefits to the Afghans. Jason Crow stated that Boebert was the solitary person who opposed the idea of extended aids for the Afghans. 

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