Greg Abbott Has Announced A Special Session

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, called for another special session in the legislature of the state to start the weekend. This came after most of the legislators from the Democratic end fled the state in order to block an extremely restrictive bill for voting. The proclamation of the Republican governor included election integrity on the proforma- which would be discussed in its extreme on Saturday- exactly twelve hours after the first session would see itself out. 

Governor Greg Abbott Is All For Voting Integrity

The House Democrats for the state had effectively blocked every action that took place in the session when they went about breaking quorum to put up a voting bill that would see more restrictions to Washington. Around 50 Democrats have stayed back in the state since the 12th of July- with the first session closing at 11.59 pm.

The 17-item agenda of Greg Abbott also includes bail reform along with election integrity. The special second session would also include those items which were meant to prohibit mandates for masks in schools while tightening the enforcement at the borders. 

Governor Greg Abbott further stated that the legislature for the state had achieved quite a lot at the 87th Legislative Session- where they also had the responsibility to finish all the work that they had started previously.

He further mentioned that he would be continuing with the special sessions in order to reform the broken bail system, which would also see them upholding election integrity while passing on other important items that Texans deserve and demand. If these were passed to the Special Session agenda, it could definitely chart a course for the Lone Star State. 

The Republicans in Texas, along with Greg Abbott, have already decided to join Florida, Georgia, and several other states controlled by the GOP. These states have decided to jump on the lies of the former President and enacted restrictions that would make it difficult for several residents to vote. 

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