Greg Abbott Has Prohibited Local Governments From Issuing Vaccine Mandates

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has been quite detrimental in the state’s ongoing fight against the pandemic with his new order. As it has been reported, the number of cases and hospitalizations in the state has reached levels previously unseen which did result in the local officials asking the Governor to reverse his statewide prohibition on the mandates on masks in government buildings and schools.

And how did the Governor respond? By bringing about an executive order that does exactly the opposite. 

Greg Abbott’s Actions Might Bring Unmitigated Crisis In Texas

Greg Abbott has further removed tools from the local officials which would have helped them enact policies that public health experts believe would help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. This includes capacity limits, mask requirements, and vaccine mandates.

In his statement, the Governor emphasized that the path forward would be relying on personal responsibility rather than the mandate put forward by the government. He further stated that the state has been able to master most of the safe practices which would help prevent as well as avoid the spread of the disease.

While it is true that they have the individual right and responsibility to judge for themselves and their families if they should wear a mask or not, they don’t have the right to jeopardize the lives of people around them. And if Greg Abbott’s notion, that the state has actually been able to master safe practices, were correct then the number of cases would be negligible.

All in all, a sorry state of governance in a state which needs it the most. Under this executive order, most government entities wouldn’t be able to compel any individual to receive a vaccine administered under the authorization for emergency usage. 

According to the new executive order placed by Greg Abbott, local officials also wouldn’t be effective in reducing the business capacity if the hospitalizations exceed 15% of total hospital capacity.