Mayor Kim Janey Equates Vaccine Passports To Slavery Papers

kim janey
kim janey

In quite a bizarre event the acting Mayor of Boston, Kim Janey, has compared the notion of vaccine passports with the slavery-era freedom papers. The Democrat, who was running for a complete term, made these bizarre comments on Tuesday after she was asked about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision of the citizens submitting their proof of vaccination in order to enjoy indoor activities at performances, gyms, and restaurants.

It is being assumed that the Big Apple is going to be the first major city in the country to bring out this requirement.

Kim Janey Has Made Shocking Comments About Vaccine Proof 

In her interview, Kim Janey mentioned that in Boston things were done differently. Rather than focusing on proof of vaccination, they would be focusing on vaccine access, as well as an opportunity while passing on the information to all the citizens of the state. They simply want to make sure that everyone in the state is receiving the same opportunity to get vaccinated.

While this was fine, she later mentioned that this country had a history of people showing their papers- just like post-slavery. Needless to say, her comments have sparked massive outrage throughout the country. To support her statement, she spoke about how Donald Trump had demanded that Barack Obama show his birth certificate in order to validate his claim as an American citizen.

Her own colleagues from the Democratic party have been shocked at the comments. Andrea Campbell, another Mayoral candidate, has spoken about how she believes Kim Janey’s comments would put the health of people at a massive risk. In her interview, she stated that she was quite shocked at the remarks- for as leaders, they couldn’t afford to give the common public oxygen for such conspiracies. 

 Michelle Wu, another candidate, is also shocked by Kim Janey’s comments and has stated that she would be requiring vaccination proof in public spaces which are generally crowded.