Gregory Rousseau Selected By Buffalo Bills In The 1st Round

gregory rousseau

Buffalo Bills finally got the edge rusher they needed in the form of Gregory Rousseau. They successfully resisted an offer regarding shifting down from the 30th position in the 1st round of the NFL draft on Thursday. 

The 1st round was filled with an array of offensive talent. Gregory Rousseau, the defensive end of Miami Hurricanes, a talented but raw player in the NFL was selected by Buffalo Bills. The player has a great length. He is often described as being built around a “Gumby-like” frame. He is lean and long having a height of around 6-6. He weighs 266 pounds and has long hands around 11 ⅛ inches. He has an array of talent and used to play in a lot of different positions in his high school. He even played as a wide receiver! Always having a big smile on his face! 

More About Young Gregory Rousseau!

Gregory spent his childhood in Florida’s Coconut Creek. He is all set to fit into the locker room of the Buffalo Bills. He is yet to meet all the charismatic and interesting personalities in the roster of the Bills. From his childhood, when he went to the Champagnat High School located in Florida’s Hialeah, he used to be a talented guy in a lot of ways. His parents migrated from Haiti and started their life in America.

He has not achieved a lot in the NFL and his career is very young, him being at the age of only 21. He didn’t take part in the season of 2020 due to the pandemic. Gregory Rousseau instead wanted to spend time with his parents. His mother was an ICU nurse, working with Corona patients. His father is a mechanic of fire trucks.

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