Roberto Alomar Ends Up On The Ineligible List Due To 2014 Allegations

roberto alomar

Following the investigation into the allegation of sexual misconduct in 2014, Roberto Alomar ended up on the ineligible list of the MLB. He was working in the post of consultant in the MLB. The Blue Jays have also managed to cut ties and end their relationship with the incredible player who has been in the All-Star 12 times. He has however retired! 

On Friday, Rob Manfred, the commissioner of the MLB stated that a completely independent investigation was conducted by an outside law firm into the allegations of the employee in the baseball industry made earlier in 2021. Manfred said that after reviewing all the evidence available to them, they have come to a decision that Roberto Alomar has indeed violated the policies of the MLB. They have decided to terminate his contract and place him on the ineligible list of the MLB. 

Rob also said that the league would be forever grateful to the person who dared to come forward. He also added that the league is trying to create an environment where people can be more comfortable and speak up without any fears of exclusion, retaliation, or recrimination. MLB refused to share any more details regarding the incident. 

Tweet Of Roberto Alomar Is Lacking In Remorse

Roberto Alomar tweeted that he is feeling upset, surprised, and disappointed with the decision. He however acknowledged that he had understood that it was the sole decision of the MLB. Lisa Banks, the attorney of the lady who stepped forward and brought allegations against Roberto, released an official statement regarding the brave step taken by her client. She also thanked the league and its officials for taking stern measures and punishing the offender.