Grey’s Anatomy With A New Twist 

grey's anatomy
grey's anaomy

This week’s episodes come with a twist, as Halloween is approaching things have started to get a little bit spooky. From using scalpels on patients to carving pumpkins.

Spoiler Alert From Grey’s Anatomy

Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode ‘haunted’ comes with Meredith Grey leaving Seattle to be with her daughter, a huge shock to the audience. As the new interns take part in a pumpkin carving contest to brush up their surgical skills on corpses. As the interns failed attempt on the first cadavers and moved to the next one, a fresh one draws their attention when Mika Yasuda made a sarcastic comment that there are some serial killers on the loose and stabbing these guys.

Usually, Dr. Hunt takes the interns to the parking lot at the time Halloween for a trauma training session with dummies, Meredith was talking to the interns when she was interrupted by Nick in the Grey’s Anatomy episode. Nick practically surprised the interns with fresh tissue cadavers.

The training was a success and Lucas Adams has shown appreciation for his colleagues and made him earn the right to scrub in. People opening up about their lives in the drama series apart from their work is an enticing part to the audience. They are spilling the tea of their personal lives, which is a different kind of satisfaction to many, and many tend to compare their lives with the reel characters in Grey’s Anatomy.

Winston is leaving the cardiology team to save his marriage, as he and maggie continue to fight with each other. Maggie warned the interns about Halloween night being the cardio night, and it’s going to be intense. The episode ends with Meredith and Nick at a romantic dinner. As they were still concerned about Zola’s mental health, they tried to ease the situation for a night.  If moving out of Seattle can help Zola with anxiety then her mother would do so, and Meredith always tries to do the right things like any mother.