Joe Biden’s Presidentship Might Face Midterm Misery

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Other political party feels Joe Biden has a low capacity to care for his own party. He isn’t helping his party enough to escape the dark place. He has new ideas to work out if he wins.

Joe Biden Has Been The Target Of The Republicans

Republicans have been after Biden for quite some time now, they have filed lawsuits against him on various occasions. A few days ago news report showed how six republican states have filed lawsuits against Biden because of removing students loans debts. Biden helping a billion students won’t affect their economy. Biden further argued that since he and his party came into power, the economic conditions improved so much.

Not only that he has chalked the upcoming plan as well that the world flourishes the economy more. And this master plan would crush the republicans with Medicare and Social security. President admits that the democrats always charge social security before elections.

Republicans fighting hard to gain five seats at least to flip the chamber and win enough seats at the empire state. Joe Biden is concerned for the Georgia state high profile race, where they could be going ‘downhill’. The president isn’t concerned about New York city’s vote scale.

If they lose there could be consequences, for the president’s party and all over. If he wins that could possibly be many things that would get fixed on their own, as of now  Joe Biden’s son facing an investigation currently by the Justice Department for suddenly withdrawing business from Afghanistan.

Biden’s new plan for the economy may be unrecognizable to many Americans. He blamed the cause of inflation on outside factors such as high living costs to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But to the republicans it’s the other way around, they blame Biden for such inflation, as he couldn’t control it wisely when he had time.