Grizzlies Records Biggest Win Of The Season


Grizzlies played one of their best matches recently. They defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder by a huge margin. The margin of seventy-three points was the highest by any team. A group of thirteen thousand fans reached the stadium to cheer for Memphis. They did not have any idea that they would be witnessing history.

Memphis has always been a force to reckon with in the NBA circuit. They had a fair share of their success in the past. They started the recent season in a promising tone. However, they lacked consistency and slowly faded out. However, their recent performance was an absolute shocker for everyone. The Thunders’ fans could not believe what they saw. Memphis was on point and did everything right. 

The rout by the Grizzlies was the biggest in the history of the NBA. No other team has been able to win by a margin of seventy-three points. The previous record was in favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They beat the Miami Heat by a margin of sixty-eight points. Thunders on the other hand have made an unwanted record. They now hold the record for the biggest losses at home. The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Indiana Pacers by a margin of fifty-seven points. 

Grizzlies Beat Thunders 152-79

Thunders suffered a historic humiliation from the Grizzlies. The match was dominated by Memphis throughout. The Thunders never really got going in the match. They did not lead on a single instance. The Thunder trailed by fifteen points after the first fifteen minutes. The difference became worse as the match progressed. 

Jaren Jackson Jr was the hero of the match for the Grizzlies. He is the top scorer with twenty-seven points. Several other players also performed superbly on the night. The Grizzlies seemed very happy and hoped to continue their fine form.