R Kelly Guilty Of Sex Exploitation

R Kelly
R Kelly

R Kelly is a popular figure in America. He is a renowned singer who is also a writer. The singer was charged with serious allegations recently. He was said to be involved in sex trafficking and human exploitation. Kelly has been evading legal consequences for twelve years now. 

The singer has been accused multiple times of inappropriate behavior with children and women. However, the verdict was finally out on Monday. R Kelly was produced in the court of law. The judges made a thorough investigation before concluding. Unfortunately for the singer, he was found guilty of all of his allegations. Let us learn more about the case below.

R Kelly Finally Convicted

It has been quite a long time since Kelly had been accused. He was accused of sexually exploiting children and young women. The panel that judged Kelly consisted of five women and seven men. The singer was held for a total of nine accusations. All of them were found to be true in the investigation. The judges also stressed the fact that people who helped Kelly in the process are also equally guilty.

A couple of other men were also convicted alongside Kelly in the court of Chicago. These persons were reported to have served Kelly as his manager. They also played a large role in keeping the children and girls obedient and quiet. Kelly could probably be sentenced to more than ten years of imprisonment. 

R Kelly has been convicted under several charges. Kelly was spotted at the court with a mask covering his face. He looked dejected as the judge read out the verdict. Kelly’s lawyer has expressed his disappointment. He stated that the singer was not guilty and there were serious inconsistencies in the case. Kelly’s lawyer expressed his desire to appeal at a higher court.

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