Coach Gwen Stefani In Tears Over ‘Voice’ Contestant’s Performance

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is currently in her 5th Voice season. She has been in the finale only two times with Rose Short(Season 17) and Jeffery Austin(Season 9).

The latest standout from Team Gwen, Carter Rubin looks like the one to beat in Season 19 of The Voice. Carter Rubin closed Monday’s top 9 show with a Muppets classic. Gwen was in congratulatory and happy tears and the show felt like Rubin’s finale night.

Team Gwen Stefani Has The Best Chance Of Winning

Gwen Stefani has been involved with a few questionable decisions this season. The 15 years old Rubin sang “Rainbow Connection” which is penned by Paul Williams, which is a cute genius move by Rubin. She dedicated this sentimental and sweet song to Jack, Carter’s autistic brother.

The performance was not “green” but it was all about Carter’s phrasing and his bell-clear, pretty tone. Even the mother of Blake Shelton texted Gwen while they were in rehearsal being hopeful about her boy going through.

Gwen Stefani wiped her tears while making sure not to smear her makeup and stab herself with her acrylic pointy talons. She termed the song as flawless and was so honored as if God has finally answered her prayers. Gwen is set to win this show finally. However, there are 9 more semi-finalists.

John Legend termed Jim Ranger’s performance as flawless, emotional, and moving. Cami Clune’s performance was not up to the mark as her pitchy notes were not so soft on other’s ears. Ben Allen’s song on hearts on the show with competent and solid performance. John Holiday’s performance was close to perfect and would ensure a spot in the top four.

DeSz spat fire, commanded the whole stage, and oozed confidence from the start to the finish. Bailey Rae wasn’t that impressive. Ian Flanigan might win this show with a whisper rather than a scream.

The prediction is that Carter Rubin will be in the top three with Ian Flanigan and John Holiday.