Gwen Stefani’s Son, Kingston Rossdale,17, Surprised The Duo By Performing At Blake Shelton’s Pub

Kingston Rossdale

On August 11, Friday, Kingston Rossdale performed and brought some guests to Blake Shelton’s Ole Red bar and restaurant in Oklahoma. Among them was Gwen Stefani, Shelton’s wife, who joined him on stage to perform the No Doubt song “Don’t Speak.”

The other visitor, though, caught everyone off guard: it was Stefani’s kid Kingston Rossdale, 17, who gave a single performance. Kingston Rossdale sounded excellent while performing, hitting some quite astounding notes and sustaining an excellent tone the entire time. He was wearing a gray shirt, blue trousers, and sneakers. He undoubtedly resembles his stunning rock star mother! 

Kingston Rossdale Surprises Everyone With Solo Performance 

When Kingston Rossdale finished playing, he stated that he loved them all and thanked them for being there. He said that their presence meant a lot to him and hoped everyone present had a lovely time. After Kingston Rossdale finished performing, Shelton entered the stage and hugged him. A proud stepfather!

Kingston Rossdale, Apollo, and Zuma, Stefani’s three children, are great friends with Blake Shelton. Shelton left The Voice, a show he had been a part of for more than twenty-three seasons. His ultimate intentions were to be able to be more present with his family, which includes these youngsters.

Blake Shelton believes that being a stepfather has changed his perspective in terms of how he is not the first person he thinks about any longer. Even with seemingly insignificant decisions, he always wonders how his family would react to it. He thinks that the only way for him to indeed be successful means to be a proper family man. If he sets his mind towards accomplishing something, he would give it his 100%, concluded Blake Shelton.