Blake Shelton’s Last Season At The Voice

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Participants are trying hard to make this season more memorable for their coach Blake Shelton. This will be an emotional episode for all, both the judges and the contestants. He has been the judge for a long time, and it is a significant season for everyone.

Blake Shelton’s Stepping Down As a Coach

Shelton retiring after the next season from The Voice. There is a possibility this season might be the last one of his coaching sessions. His contestants are emotional and determined to make this season more memorable for their coach Shelton. Blake Shelton is an American country singer, who has been the judge for over a decade and he decided to retire, which he has wrestled with for a long time now.

Shelton’s contestants are Bryce leatherwood, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lape, and Bodie. And they are gearing up to win this season finale. All these are trying to make Blake proud, winning this is beneficial for both the parties Blake and the participants. They can take home the title of The Voice Winner and Blake would be so proud of them.

Being Blake Shelton’s participant was a dream come true, he has been a part of history. But the ending can be beautiful too, so these youngsters have decided to give their coach an unforgettable farewell. They talked about how down-to-earth a person blake is, and they made paper planes together.

Blake Shelton let the world know last month through his Instagram post about taking retirement, and he has served here for a decade and he literally wrestled, and now it’s high time to move on. The show and its crew will always be home to him. He has learned a lot from everyone, he has thanked everyone including the beverages. Blake has been the judge since 2011, and it was a ‘hell’ of a ride for him. He had a bittersweet journey.