Hailey Bieber Shushes The Red Carpet Drama And Explains Her Choices

Hailey Bieber

The CEO of Rhode Skin explained the rumors surrounding herself, Justin Bieber, aged 28, and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, during an interview with Alex Cooper on the podcast Call Her Daddy.

Many people believed that Hailey Bieber refrained from crying during the couple’s red carpet debut after hearing Gomez’s name being yelled loudly by fans. Everyone was shouting, and she was genuinely shocked.  She didn’t know what was actually going on till she saw the footage later, alluding to a film in which Bieber can be heard supposedly saying “don’t weep” in the midst of the screams.

She explained the reality to Cooper, making it obvious that it was omitted from the context, saying she felt like she had something in her eye. Hailey said the event was really something rude to do toward anyone, despite the fact that it didn’t make her cry. Hailey also explained her decision to wear sunglasses on the red carpet, stating that it was not a disguise but rather a preplanned fashion choice. 

Here’s How Hailey Bieber Slays Negativity In Her Life 

The model and CEO revealed to Cooper her strategy for drowning out the noise despite the hate she has faced. She uttered the adage that enables her to take criticism in stride, Another day; another negative slays, Hailey Bieber stated.

She said,  trying to be furious about it, won’t really change anything. Nobody can take away her happiness, love, business, or her profession. Hailey Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez, that’s been under close scrutiny as online trolls have attempted to play the two famous women against one another, was another hot issue covered in the episode, which aired on September 28.

Regarding the history of her relationship with Justin, which started in 2009, she claimed that she can guarantee she was never with Justin when he was in a relationship with anyone, and that’s the conclusion of it. The model admitted that she does not get the increased interest in her marital incidents and how it ties to her beloved husband’s previous relationships, even if she stressed that it isn’t her nature to meddle with someone’s relationships.

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