Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil Is The Channel’s First Movie For 2022

The Wedding Veil

The Wedding Veil is the Hallmark Channel’s first new film of 2022. Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser, and Alison Sweeney feature in The Bridal Veil, a new trilogy of films about three college friends who discover a magical, ancient wedding veil.

The Wedding Veil was shot in Victoria, British Columbia, and other regions of the province. Filming had already begun in April 2021, since the first of three films needed to be completed before the first could be released. This is a snapshot that was posted in Victoria in May. The first film’s filming was concluded in May.

The Wedding Veil Plot

Avery (played by Chabert), Emma (played by Reeser), and Tracy (played by Sweeney) are three college pals who get together every year in various places to go antique shopping in the first episode of the trilogy.

The Wedding Veil begins with a trip to SF, they come across an exquisite antique lace bridal shroud with a tale attached to it: it read that whoever owns the shroud will find true love. The pals decide to buy the veil and give it to one another to see if the myth is real.

Avery, an art curator, is first in line and meets a lovely stranger, Peter, not long after (Kevin McGarry). They have several strange coincidences while spending a fun day at a nearby museum, which makes Avery question whether it’s fate. Avery vows to not think about Peter when a misinterpretation leads to his giving her the silent treatment. He then shows up as a partner at her Boston job.

Peter is the most recent board partner at the gallery she works at. He comes from a well–known philanthropic family. Peter teams up with Avery for a special event to announce the restoration of a long–misplaced picture by a nineteenth-century Italian artist. As the endeavor pulls the two closer together and they begin to address the misunderstanding, they realize that the coincidences they share might be the veil’s doing.