JD Vance Has Stated That Several Of The Jailed Protestors Haven’t Been Charged With A Crime

JD Vance
JD Vance

JD Vance, a Republican Candidate from Ohio, might be a law school graduate but that didn’t stop him from making significant false claims about the Capitol Riots. The false claims stemmed from the legal proceedings against people who had participated in the insurrection at the Capitol the previous year. On the first anniversary of the insurrection, Vance sent out a tweet with a link that would encourage donations to those who have been accused of involvement in the Capitol attack. 

JD Vance Makes False Claims About The Capitol Riots

JD Vance wrote that there have been dozens of people who protested on the 6th of January are being mistreated in DC prisons- and they haven’t even been charged with a crime. A friend of his suggested the link below for those who were interested in helping out people he considered to be innocent. In another tweet that was sent out just a few moments later, Vance claimed that several of the prisoners were actually military veterans who have been accused of absolutely nothing. 

To be frank, JD Vance’s claims are false. Every alleged rioter in the Capital Insurrection who is being currently persecuted has been charged with a crime. Also, every single one of the defendants that have been listed on the donations page put forward by Vance has been charged with a crime. Interestingly, 90 minutes after the tweet was sent, Vance had to correct his claim that dozens of Capitol riot prisoners weren’t convicted of any crime- rather than not being charged. 

While JD Vance might believe that the prisoners haven’t been convicted of any crime, the vast majority of the 700-plus people who find themselves charged with the Capitol riot to date were released to wait for their trial- a few days after they ended up being arrested.