Halsey Welcomes Motherhood With Wide Arms


Halsey delivered her child on the 14th of July, with her mate Alev Aydin. She was ecstatic with the news and uploaded two pictures of Ender Ridley Aydin. She dropped the caption “Gratitude” under her family photo.

Halsey chose not to specify the gender of Ender but shared an intense breastfeeding moment. Halsey chose to go by the pronouns- “they” and “she”.

It was a surprise for her fans when they heard about her pregnancy in January. It became a confirmation that Halsey was seeing Aydin. Aydin is currently employed on a biography about Halsey’s life.

She spoke to Allure, how everyone judged her relationship with Alev. They had been good friends and suddenly realized that they were perfect for each other. Many people had passed their opinions on the choices made by her and Alev Aydin. She had hidden her relationship from everyone as he wanted to keep things private. She believes that she has signed to be a Popstar and chose to give her life away, but that does not include her close ones. 

Halsey’s Struggle With Motherhood

Halsey has gone through some dark patches in her life which include reproductive challenges. She went through a miscarriage and had gone through several surgeries in 2015. She also tried to treat her endometriosis using surgery and was afraid that this painful disorder could make her infertile. She was demoralized by the fact that people looked up to her as a symbol of feminism and fertility when she could not go through the basics of being a biological mother. She was always hopeful that she would bear a child someday and it looks like all her dreams have come true. It seems there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.